"informative, educational and promotional campaign about the chimical, organoleptical and qualitative aspects of extra virgin olive oil"
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Oil and Diet

Oil has always been a basic element of the Mediterranean diet, well known and appreciated all over the world, for its taste and as a balanced and equilibrated supply of calories.
In ancient times Greeks and Romans already acknowledged nutritional and curative virtues of olive oil.
Today, having concrete scientific proofs, dietologists and nutritionists all over the world confirm that the olive oil is healthy and that it is a precious ally against the “diseases of affluence”. Read more...

Washington DC - USA

Goals of the Project

The purpose of this project is to develop and/or strengthen the understanding of the health benefits of the consumption of extra-virgin olive oil in an everyday diet. This will also be accomplished through the distribution of scientific results of one of the top Universities of Medicine in The United States of America, and with the authorization of The Ministry of Health. The project will be named “INFORMATIVE, EDUCATIONAL AND PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN ON CHEMICAL, ORGANOLEPTIC AND QUALITATIVE ASPECTS OF EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL”. Read more...



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Informative, Educational and Promotional Campaign about the Chimical, Organological and Qualitative Aspects of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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"Lasagnette with ragù and beans cream"

Olive oil & Promotion


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MIPAAFUNASCO Denominazione d'Origine Protetta Indicazione Geografica Protetta
Campaign financed with the contribution of the Ministry of
Politech Agriculture, Food and Forestry
D. Law 499/99 - Ministerial Decree 20916 of December 24, 2010

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